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All Hands Meeting

One of the hottest growing trends for both smaller and larger corporations in the tech industry is the planning and inclusion of All Hands Meetings. This is typically a way to have an organization-wide business meeting to keep a medium to large group of employees and other stakeholders up to date on important company milestones, executive reports and events. This is critically important for smarter companies who adhere to better transparency within an entire organization by allowing employees to meet directly with their leadership. As companies grow, often the largest space designated for employee-wide meetings such as “the large conference room” becomes not large enough. That is where All Hands Meeting spaces come in to play.

AV Structural has been designing and installing State-Of-The-Art audiovisual systems to support All Hands meeting spaces since our company's founding in 2008. We have become adept at working with customers’ ideas and bringing those ideas to fruition as seamlessly and affordably as possible. Starting with wireless hand held and lapel microphones and strategically placed drop-down pendant speakers to full floor large flat-panel displays or larger video projection systems with wireless touch panel control, AV Structural can help your organization plan for the best, most suitable design possible. Feel free to contact one of our seasoned sales engineer experts.

To our valued customers:

We are open and operating as we are considered an Essential Service under Telecommunications Systems here in the state of California. We are committed to providing our customers with the respect they and their customers deserve by adhering to the safest hygiene protocols and/or mandates published by the CDC as well as other nationally recognized Public Health institutions in order to protect them and our workers on all worksites. AV Structural will be providing all onsite staff with ample and proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).