Conference Room AV Systems in San Jose

In the business world, the conference room is the most widely used collaboration space. AV Structural INC is proud to be the top audiovisual specialist in San Jose, with years of experience designing and installing conference room AV systems. To stay connected to your colleagues and make an impression on your clients, it’s important that you have a conference room tech set-up that can perform everything you need, while displaying an image of professionalism and efficiency.

When there are big decisions to be made, lots of company goals to cover, and important discussions with clients and employees, you need an audiovisual system that won’t let you down.

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For the design of your corporate AV system, you need to trust a company that offers years of professional service and experience. AV Structural INC is a licensed audiovisual contractor that has designed, integrated, installed, and supported conference room AV systems in San Jose for years.

We can provide expert advice, guidance, and work in the following features:

  • Videoconferencing
  • Audioconferencing
  • Overhead video projectors
  • Wired and wireless room microphones
  • Videowalls
  • Room schedulers
  • And more

For a team of professional audiovisual experts, AV Structural INC will give you the advice and support your business needs. Call us to take your conference room capabilities to the next level.

Personalized Conference Room AV Systems

Not every business conference room has the same requirements. Depending on the size of the space, the function of the room, and the types of meetings you will be conducting, different hardware is going to be required.

Luckily, AV Structural INC is your one-stop-shop for your conference room AV needs. We have installed different types of low-voltage AV systems with many capabilities and functions. Our knowledge of cutting-edge technologies will ensure that we can guide you towards a suitable system for your conference room.

To get the system that will work best for you, we would like to discuss your AV requirements! We offer no-obligation consultations to discuss your conference space, your meeting needs, and your technical requirements with you, to develop a personalized system. Call us today at (415) 386-8086 to book a consultation!

Affordable Conference Room AV Solutions

Although developing and installing a new AV system for your conference room is an investment, at AV Structural INC, we think it’s important you get a system that suits your business’s budget. To this end, we always keep our recommendations affordable. By making sure you get exactly the system you need, using the most inexpensive but reliable components that will suit your needs, we can offer you the best rates in San Jose.

Before we install anything, we can also give you confidence in the cost beforehand with a cost estimate for the parts of the system and labor to install and maintain it. This way, you always know what you’re getting and for how much.

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Take your conference room AV capabilities up a notch with a custom design and installation that suits your exact needs. To discuss your AV options, call us at (415) 386-8086 to speak to an expert and book your consultation today!