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The San Francisco-Marin Foodbank contacted AV Structural to help design and install an "affordable video wall" for their new Marin Visitor’s Center in San Rafael, CA. What was most challenging other than meeting their strict time and budget requirement was coming up with a solution to design, procure and install a full, 3X3 4K video wall array at a mere 4" in total depth, including the necessary wall support backing, dynamic pop-out display mounts, cabling, accessories and the nine 4K video monitors. This 4" depth requirement was absolutely essential and could not be extended by even 1/16" of an inch as it needed to seamlessly match the depth of the surrounding related static artwork. The final product was even more impressive than originally planned and the video wall is in full operation. Sound reinforcement was achieved by adding eight Extron SF3PT pendant speakers and the video wall is controlled from a local wall-docked, user-friendly Apple iPad Air 3. To learn more about the Marin or associated San Francisco Food Banks go to https://www.sfmfoodbank.org/about/.

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