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Huddle Room in San Francisco

It can be hard to make agroup of colleagues feel like a team. When offices are filled with drab cubiclesseparating everyone from each other, employees feel like they’re all alone inthe workplace. As any manager or boss knows, this is the furthest thing fromthe truth.

How can you change youremployee’s minds, you ask? By setting up a huddle room or two in your office!And who better to do that than the licensed low-voltage contractors at AVStructural INC. We specialize in installing and establishing electronic systemsfor the corporate world. Contact (415) 531-1045 to request our services today.

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Huddle Rooms and Collaborative Workspaces in SanFrancisco

If you wanted a huddle room andexplained the gist of it to your average contractor, they might not have anyidea what you’re going on about. They’ll hear “private meeting area”, “suitablefor 5-6 persons” and that’s it. They’ll think you’re just looking to add anyold room into your office, and they’ll get to work.

While a huddle room is all thosethings, it is still so much more. For a huddle room to satisfy the base-leveldemands of any San Francisco startup, it needs to be expertly fitted withteleconferencing and collaboration technologies. Otherwise, how else are youand your colleagues supposed to get your work done? Even the most informalbrainstorming sessions require high-speed Internet service and rooms with videoconferencecapabilities.

When you need more than just a room,call AV Structural INC. As low-voltage audiovisual contractors, we’re capableof turning any office into a full-fledged creative thinking-space andworkspace.

Are you looking to transform a tiny,unused corner office into a collaborate multipurpose workspace? Call us today.Any questions you have will surely be answered during our thorough andthoughtful consultation. 

Huddle Rooms with Videoconference Capabilities inSan Francisco

If your company is situated in SanFrancisco, chances are, Internet, Bluetooth and other wireless technologies area constant necessity. You don’t just need a video screen or audio system tobrowse the Internet, you need it to communicate with colleagues who are workingremotely or are stuck in the gridlock of San Francisco traffic. You need it forvideo demonstrations, for immediate access to the company cloud, and more.

As ANSI accredited and CTS certifiedlow-voltage AV contractors, we are more than capable of upgrading any workspaceinto a fully functional huddle room.

Some of our services include:

  • Commercial AudiovisualIntegration & Installation
  • Service, Troubleshootingand Training for All Your Personnel
  • Conference TableMillwork
  • Control SystemProgramming
  • Remote Monitoring Setup
  • …and more!

What’s more, we are also anauthorized provider of Extron Electronics Switchers, Creston Electronics, andMilestone Products!

As state-licensed audiovisualcontractors and system integrators, we are more than confident we can give youthe innovative workspace you’ve been dreaming of. Since our inception in 2008,we have evolved from a garage-based company to one of San Francisco’s leadingaudiovisual integration teams.


What Do All the Best Co-working Spaces in San Francisco Have in Common? AHuddle Room

San Francisco isn’t too small forthe amount of economic activity that goes on here—it’s just cozy! Okay, that’sa bad joke, but as the City by The Bay transforms the nation and continues todisrupt previous economic models, it seems like we need to disrupt the way thatspace is used and allocated here too. A lot of people are moving to SanFrancisco to take advantage of the red-hot economy, but there aren’t enoughoffices and single-family homes for all of them. Just take one look at the realestate pages to prove it.

So it’s understandable that more andmore organizations are working smarter, not harder, to find collaborative co-workingspaces to house innovation. I mean, who needs an office anyway when you’ve gota brain trust? But AV Structural INC has noticed one thing about the mostsuccessful recent trend in office planning, especially for co-working spaces:as much as the open-office plan in Silicon Valley has transformed the waypeople work, the most successful of co-working places all have one thing incommon. It’s a huddle room.

A Huddle Room? What Does That Have To Do With My San Francisco Workplace?

A huddle room is a small room—think‘side office’ and not ‘corner suite’—in an open-concept co-working space thatallows smaller groups to break off and meet in a spot that affords them someprivacy. But what’s most essential for any huddle room is the technology in it.From smart boards to life-size video conferencing systems, your AV technologycan make or break your business.

Unlike the break room, the huddleroom can skip the frills. Ping pong? No way. These are multi-purpose spaces forworking (and, okay, maybe napping too sometimes) designed to bringpeople together in the service of a common goal.  And your AV technologyneeds to reflect that fact. Combine low-tech and no-frills design (tables,chairs) with high-tech solutions and you can suddenly make big changes from atiny space.

Without that video conferencingequipment, your huddle room becomes a fancy storage closet. You need a systemthat lets you talk to investors and colleagues away on business from the samespace. You need projectors and multimedia equipment for presentations andreal-time integration of your products. And you need to be sure it all works,most of all.

‘Bring Your Own Device’ and Work!

The best huddle room designsintegrate in-house video conferencing with ‘plug-and-play’ solutions that letteam members and co-workers seamlessly integrate their own devices with yourtechnology. To do that, you need a savvy AV technology company to design you asystem that is sophisticated and has power, but is also simple and intuitive touse.

San Francisco’s AV Technology Experts

If your open office or co-working space could benefit from a few huddle rooms, give AV Structural INC a call. We’ve been the Bay Area’s most reliable AV and video conferencing equipment company since 2008. From installation to service to sales, we do it all. Call us today to learn more!