Room Scheduler Systems, Hewins Financial, Redwood City, CA

Hewins Financial, Redwood City, CA needed a scheduling method for their heavily used meeting rooms and asked AV Structural to provide a simple, and cost-effective solution. Extron Electronics elegant Room Scheduler Systems driven by a standard Microsoft Outlook Exchange server provided the answer and were successfully installed in all meeting and boardrooms.

Room Agent™ software turns TouchLink® Pro touchpanels into full-featured room booking appliances that conveniently display a room’s meeting information and availability. With Room Agent, the touchpanels require no programming or intermediate server, as they simply become a client of Microsoft® Exchange, Office 365™, and Google Calendar™. Booking a room from the touchpanel is as easy as tapping the “Reserve” button. The intuitive interface provides at-a-glance room availability and a timeline view of the room’s status for the rest of the day. In addition to the customizable touchpanel interface, bright LEDs within the bezel provide at-a-glance room availability status from down the hall. Multiple mounting options are available, including on-wall, in-wall, as well as secure mounting to almost any flat surface, including glass or granite.

Depending how they are set up, Extron TLP Pro 520M, 720M, and 720T TouchLink Pro Touchpanels can be configured and used as either traditional touchscreen controllers or as full-featured room booking appliances. Once the touchpanels are set up with Room Agent, they seamlessly tie to a Microsoft Exchange server, Office 365, and Google Calendar without complicated setup or programming. Simply connect the touchpanel to your computer, open the free Room Agent software, fill in the required fields that compose the user interface, and you’re done. Customization options allow fields to be shown or hidden, depending on user preference.

Coming Soon – Building Smarter Conference Rooms with RoomAware Technology

Extron RoomAware™ Technology is a suite of time-saving features that anticipates user needs and intelligently delivers room automation and control across the enterprise. RoomAware enables smart connections between Extron devices and services to save valuable time by preparing the room for the participant prior to their arrival.

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