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2×6 Video Wall Array, Hotel Lobby, SF, CA

Not too longago, in technology years, video walls were sort of a rare sighting. You’doccasionally see a modestly sized one in a bank reception area, hotel lobby or sportsbar.  Now it seems they are everywhere.One of the key reasons to this speedy proliferation is the changing role of andaffordability of video wall processors.

The quick& easy explanation is any kind of processing that was required in the pastto create a single, large, uniform image or multiple images meant big bucksthat for most was just out of reach. Now, most video wall display manufacturershave included in their operations menu simple step by step instructions thatallow for the creation of a spectacularly stunning video wall. The limitationbeing that the video wall would need to be in any linear configuration such as2×2, 3×3, 4×4, 5×5, lest the image will appear squelched, stretched and/orgreatly out of proportion.  Fortunately,many end users are more than happy to end up with a larger than life video wallwith a single image—especially since most displays being shipped have thinnerframes (called bezels) that allow for the illusion of a single image. For themore discerning client who require the option of displaying multiple imagessimultaneously, or in a non-linear way such as a 2×5, 5×10 to name just a fewexamples, a more sophisticated outboard processor is necessary. This typicallyends up costing several thousands of dollars more but does provide virtuallyendless dynamic display opportunities. AV Structural has installed hundreds of displays and have seasoned techniciansand project engineers who will work with you to come up with the appropriatedesign for your special application.

3×3 Video Wall Array, The Foundry Lobby, Berkeley, CA  

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